Las doce estaciones de Ptolomeo, el zodiaco según Shag

La Fiambrera Art Gallery presents its second exhibition by the American artist Josh Agle, known worldwide as SHAG, one of the most prominent of the Lowbrow movement. The exhibition is entitled “The twelve seasons of Ptolemy” and consists of the twelve illustrations that the artist made in 2003 inspired by the signs of the zodiac, and that were exhibited fifteen years ago in the gallery The Light of Jesus (Los Angeles, California , USES). There are also originals and serigraphs discontinued for years from the artist’s archive, which have never been exhibited in our country. The opening will take place on Friday, March 2, starting at 7pm. No invitation is necessary, and admission is free until full capacity is reached. All the silkscreens in the exhibition are unique copies and are already out of print with what if you want some, you have to hurry up, do not beat it!

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  • Title of the exhibition: Las doce estaciones de Ptolomeo
  • Artist: Shag
  • Dates: Del 2 de marzo al 1 de abril
  • Curators: La Fiambrera Art Gallery