Flat Out Flip Out!

La Fiambrera Art Gallery presents Flat Out Flip Out!, a new exhibition by American artist Derek Yaniger. The show features 12 acrylic paintings on board and over twenty drawings on paper – all prepared specifically for this event. The gallery is packed with serigraphs and prints that depict the hilarious characters that populate the Yani-verse: pipe-smoking beatniks, tikis from the South Seas, funny drunkards, exotic dancers, office clerks that look like extras on Mad Men, hot rod cars, bubbling cocktails, saucy strippers and Jazz ensembles.

Born 1960, in the southern state of Arkansas, Derek Yaniger became interested in drawing and illustration from his early childhood. After graduating in Fine Arts from the University of Georgia, he worked with Marvel Comics and The Cartoon Network (drawing among other things – Spiderman, Transformers, Hellraiser, Power Puff Girls and Dexter) until he decided to “dance to the rhythm of his own bongos. ” Inspired by masters of illustration, animation and mid-twentieth century design such as Jim Flora, Ward Kimball, Jay Ward and Charlie Harper, Yaniger has exhibited in many galleries across several countries. He is also head designer at “retro modern” conventions across the world (such as Tiki Oasis). The artist’s illustrations are regularly published in prestigious popular culture magazines and he has just published his fourth book. Derek Yaniger has crowned himself His Royal Highness of Retro Hipness, and he has been part of the La Fiambrera Cavalcade of Stars since our inauguration in December 2014.

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  • Title of the exhibition: Flat Out Flip Out!
  • Artist: Derek Yaniger
  • Dates: From May 10 to July 7, 2019
  • Curators: La Fiambrera Art Gallery