Buccaneer Boobs


Marker on notebook sheet
Unique piece
17,5 x 17,5 cm

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¡La vida pirata la vida mejor! Aunque por las caras de los protagonistas de este dibujo de Derek no se diría. Desde luego no tan guapos y glamurosos como los de la saga de Piratas del Caribe, los bucaneros de Yaniger también llevan parches para ocultar sus heridas de combate, el y ella.

derek yaniger

DEREK YANIGER (Arkansas, USA, 1960)

Yaniger spent much of his professional career with companies like Marvel Comics and Cartoon Network, working on successful series such as DexterPowerpuff Girls and Transformers, until one day he decided, in the artist’s own words, “to dance to the beat of my own bongos”.

Since then he has exhibited at art galleries in several different countries, become the lead designer for the world’s best retro festivals and conventions (Tiki Oasis, Viva Las Vegas, Wild Weekend, etc.), and published his work in prestigious popular publications such as BarracudaAtomicCar Kulture Deluxe and Tiki Magazine.

Yaniger’s visual universe is populated by Beatniks, Polynesian Tiki statues, hula dancers, saucy strippers, 1950s office girls, car races, cocktails, monsters, jazz bands and more.