Toma Unicornio

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Marker pen, pencil and watercolor on paper

Measures: 20 x 15 cm

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juan pablo baene

JUAN PABLO BAENE (Bogotá, Colombia, 1978)

Juan Pablo Baene earned his BFA in Colombia in 2001 and completed his art studies in Barcelona in 2006. He has lived in New York since 2012, where he works as an artist and exhibits regularly while also teaching art to young children.

In the course of his career, he has contributed to numerous international publications and created projects that establish a dialogue between art and market for Converse and other well-known brands. His work has been featured in prestigious magazines like Living Wage Nowand Boom California and academic publications issued by the University of Barcelona and other institutions.

Exhibitions of his artwork have been held at the Museo de Arte Moderno of Bucaramanga, the Jorge Roa Martínez Library at Pereira Technological University in Colombia, and various galleries in New York and Barcelona, among other venues. He signed on with La Fiambrera in 2014, when he was introduced to Madrid audiences with the support of the Colombian embassy in Madrid in connection with ARCO 2015, where Colombia was the guest country. Today his artwork can be seen in the form of animations on the New York subway or illustrated window displays in several stores around the Big Apple.

Baene primarily works on paper, skilfully wielding watercolours, inks, pencils and felt-tip pens. Drawing is his go-to medium, although he also uses collage and, more recently, digital animation in his urban interventions. His work is totally dominated by detail and colour, which he uses to convey an extravagant world steeped in humour and a rare tenderness. In his paintings, all sorts of references to pop culture are mixed, in no apparent order, with biographical elements that reflect his personal universe. His intensely surreal, fun-loving scenes are playing fields where Baene combines a wealth of personal elements with visual surprises and laughter.


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Dimensions20 × 15 cm