Janis Joplin


Pencil drawing on paper
Unique piece
31 x 31 cm


]Digital print giclée on Hahnemülle William Turner 190 gr, 100% cotton textured paper
Numbered and signed 50 copies limited edition
29,5 x 21 cm

Digital print giclée on Hahnemülle William Turner 190 gr, 100% cotton textured paper
Numbered and signed 30 copies limited edition
40 x 30 cm

joaquin rodriguezJOAQUÍN RODRÍGUEZ (Madrid, Spain, 1985)             

Joaquín Rodríguez has a degree in Architecture, and his relationship with drawing developed naturally from the habit of copying to learn. He currently does freelance advertising work for agencies like El Ruso de Rocky, Contrapunto BBDO and Estrés and clients such as Mahou brewers, Penguin Random House, Atlético de Madrid football club and Amnesty International.

He participated in Affordable Art Brussels (2014) and other fairs and exhibited at venues like Espacio Camarote and the Madrid Architects’ Association (COAM) before deciding to focus almost exclusively on his personal artistic production, accepting commissions such as the mural project for the Salmón Gurú cocktail bar, owned by celebrated bartender Diego Cabrera, in 2016.

Rodríguez draws everything he sees and does it superbly: at times he copies reality, and at others he adds a twist to the characters he portrays, working on a more photorealistic than realistic plane and using line drawing that highlights the face to send us a message we can’t quite make out but which never fails to grab our attention.

His architectural training is apparent in every work, for he is a master of drawing and of the void, recreating forms we all see but which are actually empty spaces in a flawless conjugation of image and geometry. Intense lighting, contrast and gesture in perfect spatial and conceptual harmony.


En palabras de Joaquín Rodríguez “Sobre mis dibujos de los músicos.. en aquel momento quería llevar a cabo un ejercicio puramente gráfico sobre el retrato y escogí estos personajes porque encajaban en la línea de la galería y en los gustos del público.”