Super villain


Acrylic paint on canvas
Unique Piece
50 x 40 cm

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galo-portraitGALO (Andrea Galvagno), Savigliano, Italy, 1972

Galo graduated as a graphic designer before turning his back on just about everything except love and paint and layer after layer and went deeper into what can all be called the Galoverse. With Galo, life is art and he spends his life sharing his art, wherever, whenever and with whomever he can.

During Galo's 10 years in Amsterdam, he became one of the European forerunners of street art and has collaborated and exhibited with artists of global importance, such as Shepard Fairey, Mr Brainwash or D*Face among others. He has exhibited Europe, Japan and the United States. Galo moved back to Turin, Italy in 2007 where he currently lives and works.

Galo is strongly linked to the international post-graffiti scene, showing and helping urban artist to spread their work in his gallery in Turin.

His subjects are the result of an accurate artistic research on the chaotic but not casual passage of people, expressions and situations of the contemporary. His materials are the most diverse, from acrylic to spray from canvas to plastic.


The notion of the essence of evil being manifested in the female form is as old as history itself. From Eve, who stands accused of ruining what could have been an eternal idyllic existence or Pandora, custodian of a box that contained all the evils of humanity that she just couldn’t help herself but to open in order to spread those ills across the world. That could be considered mean. Or just plain bad. As Lux Interior of The Cramps once warned us “All Women Are Bad”.

There are no more mean gods or humans portrayed in popular culture and beyond than the female of the species. The bad girl is engraved in the consciousness as myth and continues to be represented by combining fear and terror with fascination and attraction.

La Fiambrera celebrates its FIFTH anniversary and the arrival of 2020 with a traditional annual group show that celebrates the bad girl. Thirty international artists bring together the strongest , most feared, most hated yet cool characters that inhabit this universe. Some well known meanies such as Maleficent, Bette Davis, Cruella DeVille and The Queen of Hearts rub evil shoulders with new figures created specifically for this special occasion by the twisted minds of their creators.

Roll up and feast your eyes on these dangerous but captivating dames. You know you want to.