Cat Diablo


Acrylic gouache on wood
14 x 6 x 2 cm

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Erick Martinez (Los Ángeles, California, USA, 1993)

Erick Martinez is an artist & illustrator born & raised in Los Angeles. He grew up on cartoon, comics, punk rock, horror movies & lots of California sunshine. His work is flat & graphical with lots of bold color. He draws lots of inspiration from mid century art & design as well as California culture, old movies & Jazz. He received his BA in illustration from California State university Northridge. While there he learned how to screen print which is now an integral part of his work. Aside from printmaking his main medium has become hand made wood sculptures painted with acrylic gouache. All his work created out of his tiny home studio in Los Angeles.

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He learned the entire process of screen printing at university, becoming an integral part of his training and work process, and along with this, from his small studio in the Californian city, he gives life to his wooden creatures that he sculpts and paints by hand. .

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