Tío Pepe


Ink, markers and gouache on watercolor paper
Unique piece
70 x 50 cm

This work comes framed in 1.5 cm natural pine wood frame. Measurements of the framed work: 53 x 43 cm.
If the work is purchased to be delivered, please note that the work will be shipped with the frame but without the glass for security reasons.

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curro suarezCURRO SUÁREZ (Barcelona, Spain, 1973)

Suárez has worked in advertising in Madrid since 1997. As an illustrator, he has created projects for Madrid Me Gusta (promotion of tourism and nightlife), BBVA, Mahou brewers, Coca-Cola and Vodafone, and he has also made forays into children’s illustration, television, music (for the band His Majesty the King, image of the Neu! Club, etc.), restaurant décor and other fields. He has illustrated covers for Visual magazine and the Club de Creativos newsletter and participated in several group exhibitions in Madrid.

He finds nature and the city equally inspiring, and his references include many different modern and contemporary legends like Chagall, Savignac and Jim Flora, the aesthetic and music of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, ethnic art, Charley Harper, Richard Scarry, Quentin Blake, Blue Note Records, Hatch Show Print and more, while always keeping an eye on the latest trends.

Suárez’s work is lively and colourful, exhibiting a preference for line drawing and a passion for architecture. When he turns away from inanimate structures to amuse himself with individuals or animals, his Eastern and Western sources of inspiration are always blended in a surrealistic atmosphere.


Madrid de paso or Madrid de paseo translates directly as Madrid on the way or Madrid on a walk. The city as seen by locals or by the ten million plus visitors it receives each year. Other major cities across the world might be considered more scenic or beautiful than Madrid but the Spanish Capital is undoubtedly unique. This is a location that wins hearts with hospitality, a rich variety of neighbourhoods, street soul and crazy nightlife.

Curro Suarez’s first solo exhibition features his twist on iconic and scenic buildings and also the more secluded corners of the city. The artist tells us, “Madrid inspires me for obvious reasons, I’ve lived here almost all of my life and one of the things I love most about it is being able to stroll around. It’s a very walk-able city and I stroll through the centre almost every day on my way to work. It’s these routes that I take where the subjects of this show inspired me to immortalize them. “

Suarez’s illustrations are very personal, irregular and determined. He takes great pleasure in specific detail and the drawings are created from pictures and notes he takes. His urban landscapes present an alternative to photographic representation, images that fuse his love for architecture and the spirit of the city itself to an almost cartoon-like state to create unusual visualizations of the places they portray. “In the exhibition, I also try to explain my creative process. Some people think that much of what I see is due to the “Magic of Photoshop” but that is not so. Sometimes there’s a digital finish but my work is executed using traditional tools. I show the different stages of each piece: the black ink drawing, testing of different colours and materials (ink, acrylic paints and watercolour) or digital interpretations that mimic silkscreen printing.”

The show brings together more than thirty original works in different formats that collect a wide range of typical Madrid vistas. Some are better known than others but all are unmistakably “Currolian.”