Captain America

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2 ink color Silk-Screened Serigraph Print on 150 gr paper
Hand Signed & Numbered edition of 20
40 x 30 cm


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alvaro p ff

ÁLVARO P-FF (Madrid, Spain, 1973)

After studying communications, he began his career working for Disney and at several different design and advertising agencies until he and his brother, photographer Juan Pérez-Fajardo, decided to open their own design studio, The Fly Factory.

His illustrations and designs, always related to music, have led to collaborations with artists like Sabina, Bunbury, Pablo Alborán, Calamaro, L.A., M-Clan and Los Coronas in Spain, and Lana del Rey, The Long Ryders, Redd Kross, Jayhawks, Green Day, Lucinda Williams and many others on the international scene.

With a unique blend of 1980s street culture, 1990s American poster art and nods to the language of modernism and Art Deco, Álvaro Pérez-Fajardo has forged a powerful and unmistakeably distinctive style with a ubiquitous presence at virtually every major music event in Spain today.

In 2014 he began to produce his own artwork, with great commercial success, continuing to draw on his trademark methods and influences but revelling in the total freedom of doing and creating whatever he wants.



Remember you will die. The Madrid-based artist Álvaro Pérez-Fajardo uses the Latin phrase “Memento mori (vadite ad superos transite ad inferos)” to remind us all that it is important to enjoy day-to-day life because it is all so very temporary. We spend our time on this earth on borrowed time and as the exhibition subtitle suggests, Álvaro instructs that in order not to waste our journey, we must experience the earthly equivalents of heaven and hell. Everything will become clear when you view the artist’s third solo exhibition for La Fiambrera Art Gallery. All of the images are available as limited edition screen prints.

Álvaro P-FF (Pérez-Fajardo, born Madrid, 1973) is one of the most respected graphic designers working in the Spanish music industry. Since starting to draw for the underground scene in the mid-90s, his work has been a visual complement to many events during these past two decades. In a style not unlike Frank Kozik or Marco Almera Álvaro incorporates black humour, gore cinema, social criticism, tattoos, political-propaganda posters of totalitarian regimes, art deco and a myriad of additional influences. Spanish music stars such as Bunbury, Calamaro, Sex Museum and also international acts such as Green Day, Lucinda Williams, Nancy Sinatra, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and The Long Ryders have all been immortalised in the artist’s trademark style.