music queen ramon maiden

Ramón Maiden

RAMÓN MAIDEN (Barcelona, Spain, 1972)

ramon-maidenMaiden was born in Barcelona, but today he lives and works in various cities across the globe, including New York, which he considers his second home. He never studied art and is entirely self-taught.

His work is internationally renowned thanks to the support of his myriad fans in the artistic tattoo world and several volumes published by Graffito Books that extensively document his creative career.

Although Maiden’s sources of inspiration are as mutable as his methods, history, the World Wars, the Victorian era and American life in the 1920s and 30s are themes that constantly resurface in his work. His baroque technique basically consists of using pen and Indian ink to alter the faces and bodies of people in posters, photographs or old prints, sometimes of a religious nature, covering them with beautiful, sophisticated tattoos.

He has exhibited at galleries in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and other countries around the world, often alongside artists of the stature of Mark Ryden or Shepard Fairey.

fishing souls
Fishing souls

Original piece-

Staedtler  markers Lumocolor and watercolor pencils on original poster from the 50s.

Dimensions: 50 x 65 cm (with frame)

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she betty page ramon maiden
She (Betty Page)

Derwent blue ink pen and Lumocolor pens on re-printed image on 245 gr Arches watercolor paper.

Dimensions with frame: 66.2 x 54.5 cm

PVP: 1100€

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diana ramon maiden

Pencil and pen on LIFE cover of the 30’s

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music queen ramon maiden
Music Queen 1

Pencil on vintage musical ad

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agony ramon maiden

Pen and marker on image re-printed on Arches paper 245 gr.

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daruma ramon maiden

Derwent Inktense blue pencil on vintage medical film

Measures with frame: 31.2 x 21.2 cm


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